Self Inflating Air Mattress: Sleep Comfort without the Work

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In-laws are coming unexpectedly for a quick visit. A friend is coming over to spend the weekend with you. You are a student and you often change the place where you sleep. You are a camping aficionado but can’t stand sleeping bags and want something more comfortable.

These cases are the perfect scenario were a self inflating air mattress comes in handy.

This site wants to help you finding the right air mattress for you, guiding you through models, sizes, prices and so on.

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The main advantages of an air mattress are:

  1. The price is relatively cheap, compared to a standard bed
  2. There are many models and sizes that can fit your needs
  3. When not in use it can be easily folded and stored out of the way (a bag for that purpose is usually provided with the bed)
  4. Can be easily carried at friend’s house or camping
  5. Being self inflating they can be easily inflated and deflated with the aid of an electric pump. In 3 or 4 minutes the air bed will be ready for use or to be stored.

There are special air mattresses used for camping and backpacking which have reduced thickness and weight for improved portability. They’re easy to carry and used for sleeping in tents providing softness and also insulation from the ground. They have the basic features and low price. They have several names: sleeping pad, sleeping mat, ground pad or roll mat.

On the contrary, air mattresses intended for home use are raised form the floor, making getting off and on easier. These air mattresses are more sophisticated and resemble a real bed. They come with all kind of features, like adjustable firmness on both side for couples with different size and weight, multiple air chambers, and inside they have “pockets” or cells to prevent the air to transfer too quickly from one side to another when you turn while sleeping improving stability.

The shape of the air mattress is formed by foam. The foam is kept in place by rails inside the mattress and also provides firmness on the sides, which is the part of the mattress that tends to bend more. Self inflating air mattress are usually made of PVC, nylon, latex or vulcanized rubber.

As there are many kind of mattresses, price vary depending on the quality of the material used and on the size.

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